Buff Happy Bran(Calf Neck Skin Print)



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Buff Happy Bran(Calf Neck Skin Print)


Kind of Buffalo aqua wax leather plated with Buffalo calf neck skin print also coupled with tipping effect treatment and ironing treatment processing to make leather looks timid shiny. 一種水牛水蠟皮,表面壓小牛頸紋,還結合了擦色效果和熨燙製程,使皮革外觀更加美觀

With tipping effect (protrude part in darker color and indent parts in lighter color tone to make print with more rich pop-up look )on the tip top coped with natural looking buffalo calf neck skin print to make leather with calm urban aroma mingled with cottage natural flavor. 帶有擦色效果(深色部分突出,色調較淺的凹進部分,以使打印具有更豐富的彈出外觀),並在頂部塗上水牛小牛皮的自然外觀,從而使皮革具有自然氣息

Suitable for making chic cowboy boots , clear-cut working shoes and decent urban casual shoe. 適合製作別緻的牛仔靴,輪廓分明的工作鞋和高雅的都市休閒鞋



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