Embossed Suede




Article Name(品名): Embossed Suede  壓紋反毛皮 (松果紋)
Type (品項): Genuine Embossed Split Suede Leather 真皮壓紋反毛皮(麂皮)
Production Brief (製作簡述): Split/Shaving/Dyeing/Embossing 片皮/削勻/染色/壓板
Flavor (風格): Quite Comfortable and Elegant 靜逸優雅
Raw Hide Source: (原皮來源): Cow Split Sude 黃牛榔皮
Grade: (等級)  TR1,TR2 / A, B, C
Handle Feel (手感): Bumpy but Mellow 凹凸但溫潤
Color (顏色): All Colors Available Upon Requested 任何顏色皆可依需求客製
Temper (皮性): Elastic Soft 彈軟
Size (張幅): Single Butt/Double Butt 7-14sf Avg. 10sf+ 單邊直/雙邊直 7-1416sf 平均10sf以上
Thickness (厚度): 1.4-1.6 mm/ 1.6-1.8mm
Usage (用途):  Shoe Upper/Bags/ Belts/ Straps 鞋面皮/包包/皮帶/肩帶



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