Buffalo Milled Waxy Leather



Material Thickness /Size Range Handle Feel Product Description Usage Color
Buffalo hide 3.2-3.6mm /

8-10sf per piece

Plain Breaking Smooth Distressed flavored waxy leather coupled with uniform mild milling breaks pattern in mate surface bringing out the plain natural oriented flavor Natural Oriented Casual Leather Belt; Vintage Western Leather Belt Brown
水牛 3.2-3.6 毫米  /

每件 8-10英呎

舒適脆紋滑順感 陳舊風味的霧面蠟感皮配合均勻的輕摔裂紋帶來樸素自然取向的風格 自然取向休閒皮帶;復古西部皮帶 棕色


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